“Creative writing can be considered as art, and as such, it’s the emotional response to it which makes it good or not. I want to read stories that make me laugh, cry, sit back and think ‘sh*t’ – any strong emotion rather than mundane perfection.”

C Tattersall 2021

Fusilli Writing is named after a shape of pasta because that’s just how we like our stories – short and with a twist.

Flash fiction is a whole story with a very limited word count. Definitions vary but we consider flash fiction to be less than 1,000 words. There is no minimum word count but the shortest stories are usually 6 words.

Fusilli Writing is created by Chris Tattersall a prolific writer who you can read more about, including his flash fiction output in the about page.

Free Flash Fiction Competition

To encourage the writing of flash fiction we have two free competitions which are always open for entries. One for young writers of 16 or under, and one for everyone else. Both competitions are for stories up to 200 words, but must contain a twist.

We offer feedback on your story for just £5 (or equivalent) with which you will also receive a free copy of our 50 page PDF ‘Fundamentals of Flash Fiction’. See our competition page.

‘Fundamentals of Flash Fiction’

You can also purchase ‘Fundamentals of Flash Fiction’ on its own by for £3 via our competition page which contains the following sections:

  • Is creative writing art?
  • Key aspects of a good flash fiction story
  • Micro fiction: Beginning, middle and end – a theory of micro fiction construction
  • ‘Show’ don’t ‘Tell’ (new section June 2022)
  • Titles
  • Headline Illustrations (new section April 2023)
  • Writing plot twists in flash fiction
  • Entering writing competitions – six top tips


We provide workshops based on our publication ‘An introduction to writing good flash fiction’. We are also happy to discuss any other requirements you may have for flash fiction workshops.

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